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i've read my past lj entries and i owe it to myself to prove myself wrong

life is good.

living in a house near royal oak with a fantastic roommate turned friend.
i have an amazing person in my life that i can share ideas and thoughts with.
chloe is doing beautifully. she is my angel.
family at home seems to appreciate me, more than likely because i'm 40 minutes away now, but i have no qualms with that. family does not have to be physically close. i have gained respect.
i have weeded out things in my life that serve me no benefit. or perhaps some of them have weeded me out as someone they cannot feed from anymore. i have grown too strong. too strong, too amazing, too wonderful, too beautiful, too smart, too sweet and too emotionally intimidating to comprehend. i am a solid rock of Incredible.

it's about time things started going my way. 5 years ago i was HALF as happy as i am now. that's the last time i had enjoyed my life. can you imagine?... can you fathom 5 freaking years later, and i'm twice as happy now than when i was at my happiest, which was only half of what i could possibly project?

real men clean the kitchen.

Only the Good Die Young

i attended renfest today. i was so excited to go. i last went when i was 17. i feel very good about the experience i had today. the people watching, the smiling at strangers, the little girls in fairy constumes and the little boys in their knight's attire. i am thrilled with the company i am keeping. i am a very smart woman. i am smarter than you. i am more beautiful than you can ever imagine. i am blessed by my own doings and i deserve the greatest things in life.

you wish you knew.
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